• VV Titanium Pigments Private Limited (VVTi) is a leading producer and exporter of Anatase Grade Titanium Dioxide in India.

HR Policy

HR Policy

VVTi is an equal opportunity employer. The Company's policy is to afford equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, marital status, veteran status, physical disability, sex and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. All employment decisions will be consistent with the principle of equal employment opportunity.

All actions related to compensation, promotion, job assignment and retention of an employee will be taken based on the needs of the Company and the employee's skills, performance, responsibilities, experience, abilities and other valid factors.

The policy of equal employment opportunity encompasses all aspects of the employment relationship including hiring, promotion and transfer, selection for training opportunities, wage and salary administration and the application of benefit plans and Company policies.

When you’re part of VVTi, you’re part of something big; something that reaches beyond yourself and beyond today. We’re not only a cutting-edge TiO2 manufactures; we’re also a team of the greatest thinkers, customer-care representatives and talent from around the globe. A division of The V V Group, we’re leveraging our strong, trusted heritage to create a legacy and spirit that’s all our own. We’re poised toward a future filled with opportunity, discovery and ground-breaking work. And if you share this passion, then you may just be VVTi, too.